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Bear Pile features engaging cooperative game-play, a fully developed art style and environment, a collection of hilarious items, and a bad-ass back end tech. Bear Pile has been in development for almost exactly one year now and has come a long way since the original engine proof. The engine backing Bear Pile is pretty solid and features cool concepts like automatic lua binding, animation graphs for customization, completely decoupled architecture, built in reflection, completely data driven graphics architecture, NVidia’s PhysX (though originally it was a home grown physics engine), and a whole host of other features.

The team I worked with included five artists and five programmers. My role on the team was doing the Physics, Graphics, Architecture, Networking, Asset Manager, Art Pipeline, Animation, and the Scripting Engine as well as doing some game-play code. On this project I contributed over 117,000 lines of code (not including tools). If I didn’t already mention it, I loved the team I worked on (especially Brian Frantz, thanks for being such a good designer and putting up with my code standards!). On top of working with programmers, this was my first real experience working with artists including my very own sister Monica Sundberg, who did an excellent job leading the art team might I add.

Artists: Monica Sundberg, Matt Griebner, Ari Kleinberg, Talon Jennings, and Will Reid

Programmers: Trevor Sundberg, Brian Frantz, Brett Schiphoff, Chris Hutchinson, and Cassie Boykin

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