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Animation Graphs and Blending

This demo shows off the use of the art pipeline that I wrote for our engine. In particular, this demo is showing off animations and the animation graph, including special features such as animation blending. The models were created, rigged, and animated in 3D studio max (by our lovely artists) and were imported into our engine via the FBX format and my own model importer / converter. From there we load up the animations and actually animate the instances of our characters using an animation graph. The animation graph is essentially a graph of nodes that get updated each frame that produces an final skeletal pose as the result. For example, one of our nodes is an animation node which allows you to select an animation and play it (the processing phase of that node simply interpolates key frames and outputs the final bone data). Another node is the blend node, which takes two node inputs (could be anything), processes them, and blends the results together via a blend factor. Below is a video of the demo in action:

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