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Pixel sand is now on Kickstarter!

Pixel Sand is a game that centers around the use of different types of elements that all react with each other in their own ways. Combine water with lava and you’ll get stone. Combine fire with nitroglycerin and you’ll get an explosion! Add in a few players, power-ups, enemies, and coins and you’ve got a recipe for a game!

Pixel Sand comes packed with both single player and cooperative experiences, as well as tons of other fun puzzlers, shooters, and RPGs. Along with playing through the campaign, you can also use the editor to build your own levels or even just experiment with the elements.

On top of that, seeings that I am a father myself, the game also features a “kids mode” that lets them play away without needing to know the intricacies of a keyboard or controller (any button does something cool!). Kids mode is great for kids aged in the range from 1 to 5 (my daughter is one and a half years old, and she goes bonkers to play it!).

Pixel Sand will be available on the PC and Xbox 360. Web support is being considered.

To get a better feel about the game, check these out:

Here’s basic example where the player uses fire make an explosion. The element ‘fuse’ is used to make a fuse to the vat of highly explosive nitroglycerin!

Here, an Ai player is put in the game and can run around and do anything the player can (including pick up power-ups)! Ai players don’t do much, but they are definitely good for a distraction from enemies. The game is also up to 4 player multi-player (with controllers) on both PC and Xbox360.

Pixel Sand isn’t just one game, but a collection of little games that anyone can make. Here, we’ve placed a few coins in the map. The door on the right won’t open until all coins are collected. This mechanic (as well as many others) can be used to make a lot of different levels and it’s easy for kids to understand:

The game also features a host of enemies, including some of the below ones:

The Mite – A fast moving critter that can jump and scare your pants off

The Spider – A huge lumbering beast that jumps and spits acid at its enemies!

The Electrode – A deadly lighting shooting robot that flies around in the air

The Ghost – A spooky creature that chases the player and move through any wall or barrier…

The Phoenix – The quintessential boss, with a ton of hit points and fire emanating from its skin

The game is also chock full of fun, sparkly elements, including gold, amethyst, and diamond:

Users can place health packs in the game to let the player heal up!

Any element you can draw, you can make into a power-up! Here’s a few, in order from Fire, Sparks, Plasma, Liquid Nitrogen, Bullets, and Magic!

The all power-full star makes you invincible to enemies!

The game also features a more complex element… circuitry! Using a battery, metal, and some sensors you can make a whole lot of different gizmos. The game also features full logic gates, wireless transceivers, sound chips and more! In the below example, a battery and some wires are hooked up to a player-sensor (a sensor that only lets power through when the player is near):

Many prefrabs, such as this one, will be included along with the game so that you can put them in any of your own levels. Here’s an example of using circuitry to build a working elevator!

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